Our Work

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Te Matatini

Te Matatini is the largest celebration of Māori performing arts in the world. Since its inception in 1972 the festival has grown into a first-class, world-renown event attracting millions of viewers globally. We support the commercial operations of Te Matatini ensuring diversified revenue streams to support its charitable purposes and by advocating for fairer intellectual property use and management licences for performers and composers.

Website - www.tematatini.co.nz


Mahi a Atua

Mahi a Atua is an approach that encourages practitioners to actively engage in Maori interventions that draw from the Maori creation and custom stories known as pūrakau to understand how Maori ancestors understood and made sense of their realities. We support Mahi a Atua to protect its intellectual property interests and negotiate fair procurement and licensing of its products and services.

Website - www.mahiaatua.com

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Toi Ake - NZ Warriors

Toi Ake is one of the leading Māori art studio & gallery spaces in Aotearoa.

Toi Ake’s vision is to promote cultural excellence in art via shared pathways & opportunities connecting authentic stories around the globe. The New Zealand Warriors are a professional rugby league football club based in Auckland, New Zealand that competes in the National Rugby League premiership and is the League's only team from outside Australia.

Website - www.toiake.art

Website -  www.warrioirs.kiwi

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Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Limited is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand. The airline operates scheduled passenger flights to 20 domestic and 31 international destinations in 20 countries, primarily around and within the Pacific Rim. Through our relationship with Te Matatini, we supported the increase of Māori (Kapa Haka) content available via Air New Zealand's in-flight entertainment offerings in line with its commitment to revitalising te reo Māori and showcasing the Māori culture to the world.

Website - www.airnewzealand.co.nz

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MPI Farm Debt Mediation Scheme

We supported the Ministry for Primary Industries to develop a tikanga-based pathway and mediation accreditation model for tikanga-based practise as part of the government Farm Debt Mediation Scheme. The Farm Debt Mediation Scheme helps farmers and other primary producers struggling with debt. The scheme uses neutral and independent mediators to help farmers and their creditors work through debt issues.

Website -  www.mpi.govt.nz

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Wayfinding for Civil Justice

Appointed by High Court Chief Justice Thomas, we supported the development of a national wayfinding roadmap aimed at removing barriers to civil access to justice in New Zealand. The roadmap is being developed in consultation with key civil justice stakeholders and following the successful implementation of a similar model in Canada. 

Website -  www.moj.govt.nz



The Tūhono Collective represents a community of organisations and individuals dedicated to growing Māori cultural capability, capacity and competency. The Tuhono has developed a tikanga-based, Māori dispute resolution framework "Tūhono" which seeks to establish unique pathways for resolving disputes using Māori beliefs, principles, values and practices that derive from traditional knowledge (mātauranga Māori). 

Website -  www.tuhono.nz


Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission works for a free, fair, safe and just New Zealand, where diversity is valued and human dignity and rights are respected. Alongside the Human Rights Commission Ahi Kaa team the key outcome of this project is to design, develop and implement a tangata whenua continuum of services for those engaging with Human Rights Commission services. 

Website - www.hrc.co.nz

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Television New Zealand

Television New Zealand (TVNZ), is a free-to-air public broadcasting television network that is broadcast throughout New Zealand and parts of the Pacific region. We led negotiations with TVNZ to repatriate 50 years' worth of Māori cultural archives back to Māori ownership in line with its Rautaki Māori (Māori Strategy) to ensure māori voices are projected across Aotearoa and to uphold its Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations as a treaty partner.

Website -  www.tvnz.co.nz

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Māori Television Services

Māori Television Services (MTS) is a New Zealand television station that broadcasts programmes that make a significant contribution to the revitalisation of the Māori language and culture. For several years we have supported clients and MTS to share indigenous stories with the world and protect intellectual property rights in a cultural responsive way. 

Website - www.maoritelevision.com


Ko Rongowhakaata

This exhibition was a three-part exhibition series for Rongowhakaata. Part one was the successful Rongowhakaata marae based exhibition, part two was an exhibition held at Tairāwhiti Museum and part three was an iwi exhibition at Te Papa Tongarewa held from 2017-2022. We supported Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust to develop intellectual property frameworks to safeguard the traditional owners and custodians of the taonga on display.

Website -  www.rongowhakaata.iwi.nz


Tairawhiti Arts Festival

Te Tairāwhiti Arts Festival is a festival with a difference, one uniquely focused on inclusion, access and authenticity, and designed to use the arts to explore what it means to be of Te Tairāwhiti. We supported artists to build their working knowledge of intellectual property laws to help them protect the IP interests in their creative works. 

Website -  www.tairawhitiartsfestival.nz


Peter McKenzie Project

The Peter McKenzie Project is a $17m fund established to create change which reduces the number of children and families living in poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand. We supported PMP to develop an equitable and more participatory funding distribution model to advance the delivery of the project's strategic outputs.

Website - www.jrmckenzie.org.nz

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The TM50 Project

This special project celebrates 50 years of kapa haka excellence - Te Matatini 50th anniversary. The project included the production of a 50 episode web-series with Māori Television, a 50 track album and a 150 page book of memoirs published by Huia Publishers. The album featured renowned Māori artists such as Rob Ruha, Masiey Rika, Ria Hall, Troy Kingi & Louis Baker. 

Website -  www.tematatini.co.nz

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Tuhono Collective

The Tūhono Collective represents a community of organisations and individuals dedicated to growing Māori cultural capability, capacity and competency. The Tuhono has developed a tikanga-based, Māori dispute resolution framework "Tūhono" which seeks to establish unique pathways for resolving disputes using Māori beliefs, principles, values and practices that derive from traditional knowledge (mātauranga Māori). 

Website -  www.tuhono.nz

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Independent Complaint & Review Authority

The Independent Complaint and Review Authority (ICRA) is a part of the NZDRC Group and was established as a specialist delivery service for reviews of, and appeals against, decisions and determinations made by public and private sector organisations and government bodies in the exercise of their statutory powers and duties. We support ICRA to build its cultural capability and provide cultural navigations services to its clients.

Website - www.icra.co.nz


Resolution Institute

Resolution Institute is the largest dispute resolution membership organisation across Australia and New Zealand. We supported RI to establish its Kāhui Māori (Caucus of Māori members) and confirm its Te Tiriti obligations by conferring a dedicated seat on its Board of Directors for a person of Māori descent. We also developed the first tikanga-based mediator accreditation pathway.

Website -  www.resolution.institute


Haka Translate

Haka Translate is simultaneous multilingual translation service. Haka Translate (formerly Hakarongo Mai) aired its first translated broadcast in 2007 after Te Matatini festival organisers recognised a need to cater for the significant numbers of tourists and non-Māori speaking audiences attending the festival. We supported the service to transform from a single-language radio service to a global multilingual digital service reaching millions of audiences worldwide. 

Website - www.hakatranslate.nz

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T3W UK Delegation

T3W is a tech venturing network that connects and drives Māori involvement in the tech industry, and is united by the desire to improve Māori prosperity. We supported the T3W UK delegation which focussed on Māori talent, investors and economy - by increasing opportunities and increasing participation across regions, industries and sectors.

Website - www.t3w.co.nz


Utilities Disputes

Utilities Disputes resolves complaints about electricity, gas, water, and broadband installation on shared property. We supported UDL to build internal cultural capability and to align their dispute resolution scheme rules with the government standards for dispute resolution, including honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi commitments. 

Website -  www.utilitiesdisputes.co.nz


Watercare Services Ltd

Watercare Services is an infrastructure asset management council-controlled organisation that manages the drinking water and wastewater services of the Auckland Region of New Zealand. Watercare is registered with the New Zealand Companies Office as Watercare Services Limited, and is 100% owned by Auckland Council

Website -  www.watercare.co.nz